In some instances, the goal of proteomic experiments is similar to that of gene expression profiling. Therefore, many of the statistical algorithms developed for gene expression studies are also applicable to the study of differential protein expression. For a comprehensive list of these programs, please click here.


Commercial Software

Scierra Proteomics LWS (Amersham Biosciences)

The Discovery Series PDQuest 2-D Analysis Software (BioRad)

ImageMaster™ 2D Platinum & Melanie

Investigator HT Analyzer Software (Genomic Solutions)

Knexus, RADARS, PWRHouse™ Data Integration Software (Genomic Solutions)

Phoretix 2D (Nonlinear Dynamics)

Progenesis (Nonlinear Dynamics)

ProteinArray Analysis Software (Perkin Elmer)

ProFINDER 2D Image Analysis Software (Perkin Elmer)

ProteusLIMS (GenoLogics)

EPICenter (Proxeon Biosystems)

Academic/Non-Profit Software & Tools

ExPASy Proteomic tools

ProteinProspector (UCSF)

Mascot (Matrix Science)

PeptideSearch (EMBL Bioanalytical Research Group)