Mammalian Cell Lysis & Protein Extraction with CelLytic™ (Sigma)

Bacterial Cell Lysis and Protein Extraction with CelLytic™ (Sigma)

Yeast Cell Lysis & Protein Extraction with CelLytic™ (Sigma)

ProXPRESSION Protein Enrichment Kits (PerkinElmer)

2-D Clean Up Kits (Amersham Biosciences)

2-D Fractionation Kit (Amersham Biosciences)

2-D Quant Kit (Amersham Biosciences)

SDS-PAGE Clean-Up Kit (Amersham Biosciences)

iTRAQ™ Reagent Kits (Applied Biosystems)

Cleavable ICAT® Reagents (Applied Biosystems)

Qdot Conjugates (QuantumDot)

Dyes and Labeling Kits (Dyomics)

Reagents for sample preparation (Genomics Solutions)

Invitrosol™ MALDI Protein Solubilizer (Invitrogen)

Multiplexed Proteomics™ Phosphoprotein Gel Stain Kit #1

Invitromass™ Molecular Weight Calibrants (Invitrogen)

The ZOOM® Basic Protein Kit (Invitrogen)

Proteospin Purification Kits (Norgenbiotek)