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Ibogaine Effects for Getting Rid of Addiction

ibogaine effects

ibogaine effects

When a person becomes addicted to alcohol or dangerous substances, his behavioral patterns may affect his life for the worse. Among the known treatments for drug dependence is Ibogaine. This is a naturally obtained substance that is known to be anti-addictive. It is a primary ingredient used in the rituals of certain groups in Africa and is famous for its hallucinating effects. Ibogaine research shows that many number of patients who were addicted to substances like nicotine, cocaine, and caffeine found relief by undergoing Ibogaine therapy. Ibogaine effects include the reduction of cravings for addictive ingredients and intense dreamlike state that is accompanied by vivid visuals that can be tapped to help the person recover from addiction. Because it is a mind altering substance, it is important that proper used be observed


What is Ibogaine?


This is a substance that is obtained from plants like Tabernanthe iboga, and is known for its medical and spiritual benefits. For those who want to know, Ibogaine is not addictive and is not taken to replace your addiction to cocaine or heroin. It is meant to stop addiction at its roots and help the patient to be able to live drug-free without the symptoms often associated with withdrawals.


Ibogaine works by altering the mind, allowing it to release chemicals that are known to make one feel good. In addition, it promotes opening up the subconscious to be able to determine the issues that burden the patient that cause him to become addicted to a substance. This addiction remedy is not available in some countries and can only be obtained from places where it can be legally circulated.


Among the most interesting Ibogaine effects is its ability to make the person reach an awakened dream state. This lasts for hours and is the time when the patient gets in touch with his inner being. Long buried memories, repressed emotions, traumatic experiences, and those moments in his life that made him so emotional will be brought to the surface. This reflective phase allows the individual to pinpoint his sore spots. When properly addressed and acknowledged, this could lead to clarity and faster recovery.


Thailand is one of the countries that allow the use of Ibogaine. For those who want to get rid of the drug habit and start anew, there is hope. Ibogaine Clinics Thailand is among the institutions that offer Ibogaine therapy for individuals who can’t loosen the grip of obsession to alcohol and prohibited substances. This is more than a step back from addictive drugs. This is a holistic approach to wellness and is an effective way to gain one’s normal life back. Everyone deserves a second chance and by going through this program, the results can be obtained quicker and easier. Only experts administer Ibogaine and with the support they offer, the patient will be able to bounce back and free himself from the grip of addiction.


The Ibogaine effects are lasting and work to help one kick the habit of being dependent on substances to feel good.

Refresh your System with Detox Retreat


detox getawaysIt is true that health is wealth. However, the lifestyle of many people today causes them to have serious medical problems. The combination of lack of sleep, pollution, and unhealthy lifestyle makes the body function slower and unable to protect itself from diseases. Also it causes the release of harmful toxins that may lead to even more complicated problems such as burn out, weakened immune system, and increased stress levels. One of the many ways to get your body back on track is through detox retreat. This implies elimination of harmful toxins from the body using different natural means.


The simplest form of Thailand detox retreats is fasting. It can be an absolute fasting—meaning water only. Or it can be semi-fasting, in which one consumes juice made of fruits and vegetables with very low calorie content. The effect of fasting can be understood this way. Since the body allocates a huge portion of its energy through breaking down the food eaten into smaller particles that the body can absorb, if one goes into fasting, that energy can be used in healing the body instead. Because the body is given a continuous flow of fluids, it can cleanse itself from the harmful toxins that hinder bodily functions such as digestion and circulation. When all these toxins are flushed from the body, the person will become more energetic and be less susceptible to illnesses. People who go through a fasting regimen every now and then age slower, are healthier, and  have better mental functions than those who never go through fasting at all.


A detox retreat that involves fasting will only be successful if there is enough intake of fluids. However, you should not attempt to do fasting if you have existing medical conditions such as kidney problems and gastric ulcers. Pregnant women and breastfeeding moms should not fast as well. To be on the safe side, you need to consult your doctor before getting into a detox Thailand. Once you get a clearance, you can proceed with the process without worries. The recommended water and fluid intake is two liters or approximately 8 glasses. Drinking less than this can lead to dizziness and fainting spells. Drinking more can bring the kidneys to overdrive. Sticking to two liters is very important.

Those who are new to fasting will have more chances of succeeding if they try to substitute fresh juices with a portion of their water intake. Because the body is still getting nutrients such as vitamins from the vegetables, the system won’t be shocked. Juicing is recommended for those who have issues with sugar levels that tend to drop really fast. Among the vegetables and fruits you can incorporate in your juices are cucumber, watermelon, celery, carrots, and berries. The more varied the produce is, the better. While on fasting, avoid fruits that have very high sugar content for your juices.

vegetablesThere is no specific duration for a detox retreat. The process can take days or weeks or a few months, depending on what conditions you are addressing. If you have the time, it is better to enter a detox resort than go through the process all by yourself. This is because you are more likely to feel motivated if you are with a group of people who are going through the same thing. If you are alone, you may be tempted to stop midway. As the body goes through cleansing, some symptoms may be observed. You may feel lightheaded and you may experience loose bowels after a few days. All these changes are normal and will eventually go away.


If you happen to be in Thailand for a vacation, it is recommended that you go on a holiday detox. Most of their spas have cleansing programs you can try. For more information about Thailand detox retreat, contact Orion Retreat at +66(0)8 8 444 7757



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